.black is about culture not race

Updated: Jul 15, 2019

Do you want to see the number of black owned businesses increase?

Having trouble finding black owned business you want to support?

If you’re like me then the answer is a resounding "YES" to both of those questions. And if there are two of us then surely “the many” exist.

Their collective feeling is what the .black url extension represents to us. It’s imbued with positive vibes projecting from "the many" -- the global African family & our allies -- who want to see the black community thrive.

Now, to address any possible concern that glorifying the .black URL extension is exclusionary I'd say,

.black is simply the online directory for black ownership. And it's not black ownership in terms of race but in terms of culture, and tradition, and history, and about the wellbeing of the global African family (pan and continental-Africans).

So if you answered "YES" to wanting to see the black community spread its wings, let's support, encourage or buy the .black URL extension for your black owned business together.

After all the black community has been through historically, who doesn't want to see the underdog glow up and be a part of the movement?

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