The ability for a human being to retain identity is a predominate contributing factor to one’s mental wellness. You heard it here first...

or second, if you ever took a psych course.


Your hair grows out of your head like this, let's learn how to work with it.

Its for the culture.





make it make sense

               is a content curated experience for your natural hair care journey. Our data-driven platform will lead you to the right products and regimen by combing the interwebs for natural hair content and only showing you what will work for your specific hair texture.


We will simplify your natural hair journey down from

"I need to print these MapQuest directions" to "Hold on while I pull up Google Maps."


how will it work?





does your hair do the most?

Like our diaspora, our hair comes in a variety of textures.


Choose up to 3 hair  textures to get the data going.

As you learn more about your hair,  you can always go back to your profile to remove or add a hair type.

pick your textures




finding yourself like...

The more content you rate and save, the better your personalized content will be.

By “personalized” we mean your hair goals will now be life. You'll have your very own natural hair portfolio of styles, regimens, and techniques that you can always reference for any event or occasion!




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hair videos + blogs =



awesomeness leaves #2.jpg






when our powers combine...

Discover products + extensions based on the reviews of users that match your hair profile.

Because AI... that plus the collective knowlege of the community. Find your perfect regimen from wash day to styling  based on the ratings of users that match your hair profile.


message from mum

moisturize your melanin, drink water, and stay clear of shitty auras.







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stay rooted

Help build the tribe and gain early access to all of your hair care needs + vibes…

Pan-African? Continental African? Ally to the cause of people embracing their cultural selves? 


what's good?!

meet the creators


Qianna + Andre

He’s from California; Slauson born. The daughter of West Indian immigrants, she was born in Brooklyn. Their partnership spans more than ten years. Those 3 girls at the top of the page? Theirs. Homie on the right is a Growth Strategist and Marketing Technologist. Sis on the left received a degree in Neuroscience and continuously enriches her understanding of human behavior + the developmental effects of cultural influences



Praise hands to the most highly melanated. All of the natural hair care content throughout the interwebs can now be in one central location. Don’t know your hair type? Don’t worry, we have pictures for that.

Don’t feel like reading through pages of blogs to get one gem? Not a problem; we have videos for that. Don’t have time to binge watch hair videos? No worries, we still have blog articles for you

“I read for pleasure” types, too. And what’s a community without something to talk about? While here you will, also, get the latest and the greatest black and brown news and upcoming events (because we are magical unicorns and a herd of unicorns is called a “blessing” and finding your tribe is a blessing *heaviest patois accent*).

Tell me where’s the lie?!

upcoming events

Because this is about restorative justice for people of color on all platforms, here are links to upcoming events + conventions that cater to growth, development, networking, and culture.

Year of Return

all that wonderful melanin